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Doing an Email Merge on a Mac with Outlook, Excel, and Word

Mail merge in Word for Mac If you find that Mail keeps reverting the default email client to be Mail instead of Outlook, you may have to run this command: Thanks to Max for the tip. Make sure your Excel worksheet has at least an email column and another column e.

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There are three files involved in creating and printing letters or emails or labels or What bulk mailing documents do you want to create? For more information, see Prepare your data source in Excel for a mail merge in Word for Mac. Outlook . Use mail merge to send bulk email messages. Word for Windows Mac. For more information see, Prepare your Excel data source for a Word mail merge.

Save the Excel file some place where you can find it easily later. Launch up Word and under Mailings , select the type to be Letters. Then, select Use an Existing List and find the Excel file you saved earlier. If you created the Excel sheet, you know it's not malicious. Click OK. Click OK again, unless you're using another worksheet and have to select that.

When you're happy with how your "letter" email looks, select Merge to E-Mail.

If Merge to E-Mail is grayed out, it means Word doesn't think that Outlook is the default email client. I've seen two situations for this—one is addressed with that command in case Mail stubbornly keeps itself as the default email client, and the other is the corresponding Outlook version not being installed. In other words, you can mix and match and use Word with Outlook as long as Outlook is installed.

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This is where the setting-Outlook-to-offline-mode approach pays off, because you'll see your Outbox populate with the merged emails that won't send immediately. So it means you can go into several of the pending emails and just make sure they look the way you want. Great instruction — Thanks so much! In the first Word step.

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Click on the Address Book button located on top of the message editor displaying your new message. In the Address Book picker, select the group where you imported your list, and select all people in it. Compose your bulk message, and then click on the Send button in the message editor to send it.

In no time the message will be sent to your email server for delivery. Pros of Mac Mail: Readily available. No need to install anything. Works well for small lists. Cons of Mac Mail: Hard to maintain large email lists in Apple Address Book. Address Book import is inconvenient and time-consuming.

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Subscription and unsubscription cannot be automated. Automatic removal of bad addresses in impossible. Bulk messages cannot be personalized. Impossible to reference personal details in bulk messages. How to use MacMassMailer to send bulk email The second option is to use any good third-party mass mailer for Mac to send bulk email messages. Download and install MacMassMailer from http: Follow the steps of the New Email List wizard to create a new dummy email list.

Add one email address to this group you can add your own address for testing. Enter other details this wizard asks for read help for details.

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Compose your bulk email message. To import, click on the Import button, and follow the steps of Import wizard. You can now click the Start button to send messages to your recipients. It will take some time to deliver your messages, watch the progress bar. Pros of MacMassMailer: Easy to install, set up and use.

Works extremely well for large and extra large email lists.

What kind of mailing list do you use?

It also add the default signature now, please read the text above the functions about the problems with signatures in Sierra on this moment. Check out this page for information and a example workbooks for Excel Mail Add-In for Excel for the Mac: Will update the add-in when I have time and add the download link back, there are a few problems with the new Mac OS. Site designed by Spider Web Woman Designs. Ron de Bruin Excel Automation.