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You can run PC web browsers on the Mac if you use one of these Intel operating systems on the Mac solutions. Note however, any website which requires you use Internet Explorer for Windows is unlikely to be a very secure website, given the number of times such websites have been hacked. Java version 7 has had a security flaw which is documented on my tip user tip on Apple's Support Communities.

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For the Java for Apple has a guide to the latest Java updates on their Technote Database. Any site that uses ActiveX should be criticized for not using an open standard of Java.

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Java support may be improved I would be careful not to run both at the same time. Similarly with Flash, its security has come into question, and my user tip on Apple's Support Communities discusses how and why. This discussion on Apple Support Communities explains how to install Flash Numerous animations, including some Youtube animations require Flash.

Older browsers may be compatible with newer versions of Flash, but possibly not the newest version. Adobe has a Past versions of Flash download page. Also ClicktoFlash allows you to have control over which websites you allow to load Flash.

(OS X 10.4.11) - How can I run higher unsupported vesions of Browsers

A similar problem to that which exists for web browsers, is that most e-mail programs don't have complete support for web browser standards. As a result, getting HTML e-mail can be problematic at best.


Among them there are security, accessibility, and design elements which simply don't render the same way on all e-mails. If you receive HTML e-mails and have no option to receive text, I recommend contacting the company that sends such e-mails and ask for a link to the webpage which has those documents.

Attachments are also problematic as my Mac OS X page reference discusses.

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It is better for any document being transmitted via e-mail that can't be represented by ASCII text to be saved to a website and referred to by a link in an e-mail, than attempts to render information in e-mail which can't be universally read. Safari Wikipedia lists the latest Safari version, and which operating system can use it Safari Safari 9. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are not as sensitive to the operating system. Safari 8.

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Safari 7 ships with Mac OS X Safari 6. Safari 5. In Version 5. Note, version 5. Version 4.

10.4.11 - 10.5.8 MAC OS X UPDATE!

Safari 3. Version 3. Prior versions 3. But, some programs I want to run say I need a later version of safari. uses cookies.

Is my computer too old to get at least a safari 5? Posted on Jan 10, 4: Page content loaded. Jan 10, 5: Safari 4. Safari 5 will only run on Leopard This is no longer sold by Apple so you will have to look on Amazon or eBay for a black retail install disk grey update disks will not work.

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Views Read Edit View history. Apple sued these file sharers. Welcome Image and Text. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at The latest supported version of QuickTime is 7. Create new account. There is no universal version of the client operating system, although Mac OS X

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