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Best wireless keyboard with trackpad for a mac?

Trackpad and Cursor

enter Twitter Logo. Backlit keys 9 dedicated multimedia keys OFN input for quick navigation Ergonomic raised keyboard. Typing feels more like texting on a QWERTY phone than actually typing since you use your thumbs, but this works fine for light use. Integrated multi-touch trackpad enables easy navigation with gesture support to enhance your Windows experience. Tap a button and it will switch between keyboard and touchpad mode.

There are a lot of devices out there that cater to a specific type of use, such as home theater or smart home. Here are the best ones around. Read More , it would be the perfect device. What's the Best Media Streaming Device? Looking for the best streaming device?

11 Best Wireless Keyboards with a Touchpad (12222)

We've covered four different kinds of streaming devices: Budget, mid-range, high-end, and DIY. Read More you bought, a compact wireless keyboard can make it much better. For a budget-friendly option, try the Ronxs Touchpad Mini Keyboard. The whole keyboard is essentially a touchpad. Tap a button and it will switch between keyboard and touchpad mode.

All-in-One Media Keyboard

The touchpad also supports several gestures like scrolling, volume control, and so on. Make sure you get the latest version of the KP, which also has backlighting so you can see the buttons at night. It comes in two variants: Bluetooth or a USB receiver for wireless connectivity. The two directional pads make it much easier to control playback and volume, as well as navigate menus.

If you plan to use this with a proper PC, there are better compact all-in-ones, like those listed above. How would you like a regular keyboard with a trackpad to write on your smartphone with? Granted, this is a niche product, but it gives you the comfort of not carrying a full-size laptop with you. Instead, all your writing can still be done on your phone. And since smartphone screens are getting so big Fabulous Phablets: There are other companies with similar cheaper products, but iClever was the only one to be reviewed by a reputable publication. Explore more about: Buying Tips , Keyboard ,.

Your email address will not be published. I have to have a touchpad in the middle of the keyboard for the workstation at my job because 20 years of using a mouse was causing problems in my right shoulder. I have to switch hands so the touchpad has to be in the middle. I've tried two Adesso keyboards and they are infuriating. The touchpad doesn't always work. Sometimes it does crazy things like wipe out my text when I try to hit the exclamation point.

I get mad and pound and swear at it. I tried emailing Adesso for help with the first one, but their web site doesn't work and the person who answered the email told me to look on the web site I'd rather not have wireless, that means I have to mess with changing batteries I want it as low-maintenance as possible. I already spend too much time maintaining machines I've had no problems with it, and I've had it for years. I use it exclusively with my laptop and Samsung monitor. It doesn't have the same functionality with our imac, so I'm considering something else for that. I just don't want to have to spend an arm and a leg.

Lol,This article was very helpful in providing us with huge collections of items related to wireless all in one keyboards for mac and pc. Thank you very much,i prefer to shop on a great online shop with collections of variety of wireless all on one keyboard for various tablet from http: There is absolutely no better combination than the mac wireless keyboard and the magic trackpad if you are a O sx user. Logitech K does indeed work with OS X.

They trackpad is buggy on the scrollng two finger bit. For instance, the key layout is slightly different, since the iPazzPort has a full keyboard while Mini X1 omits some keys for space management. Still the iPazzPort has the same ugly combination of keys that are too close together and arranged on a grid, making it only about as effective as texting. You can use the function key to utilize the media functions on the F-row. The trackpad is small, but easily usable thanks to a click button on the left side that is easier to access. The device runs on AAA batteries, which gives it a battery life that will last multiple months rather than multiple days.

This wireless keyboard with touchpad is a go-to if you want portability but need a traditional key layout. Just note that this model is not compatible with Samsung Smart TVs, even though they work fine for everything else. Despite its peculiar ergonomics, the N lends itself well to a variety of uses. This version does not have backlit keys, but you may be lucky enough to find the backlit version online at some point.

What Are the Best Wireless Keyboards with a Touchpad in 12222?

The Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard is a well-spaced keyboard with a large touchpad where the number pad usually is. Yes, the touchpad supports. Sit back and do more with this keyboard with integrated touch pad. The All-in-One Media Keyboard is the perfect device for your living room or home office. It has a full-size keyset and an integrated multi-touch trackpad – type, swipe, drag, zoom, and click with ease.

Punctuation and other characters are left to function commands, while more commonly used characters have their own keys. This can be pressed to click or paired with large mouse buttons at the bottom of the keyboard. Some still prefer the trackball of the previous N , but that comes down to personal preference.

Also nice is the row of nine dedicated multimedia macro keys. As for battery life, the N only gets about three months of battery life from two AA batteries. The battery compartment has a handy slot to store the wireless dongle, though, which is always nice. The Roccat Sova is an entirely different breed of media keyboard, designed to bring the precision of a PC gaming keyboard to your couch.

Roccat includes a premium mechanical keyboard in their AM rather than slap a mushy membrane keyboard onto a cushioned lap pad. Combine this with a massive built-in mousepad and you have a setup suitable for keyboard and mouse gaming on the couch. Roccat does make a less pricey membrane version of this keyboard, but it detracts from what makes this keyboard so unique.

This is one of the best 2-in-1 keyboards because it actually feels great to type on. This gives the keyboard a tactile and responsive click that helps increase your reaction time and reduce key travel. Instead of slowing you down with a touchpad, the Sova gives you a generous This keyboard has two USB ports, which can be used for all sorts of peripherals. A wired mouse is preferred, as the keyboard includes a wire clip that will help prevent the mouse from sliding off your lap.

In addition to needing a mouse, there are two other reasons as to why this keyboard might not be right for you. One is that it is not actually wireless. The keyboard connects to a media device via a split USB cord. Its foot breakaway USB cable will make it across most living rooms but will be an obstacle in some setups.

Also, the keyboard is considerably bulky. Even though this keyboard does not have a trackpad or wireless connectivity, it is still one of the best media keyboards around for those looking to treat their TV as a desktop PC. But despite its unoriginal design, the Favi FEO3 is still worth your time.


Its compact design allows you to control slides, video elements, or a web browser from across the room. The device has four scrolling buttons, making it easy to advance through web pages or navigate a menu. Its keyboard is compact and backlit, with a few select hotkeys. This keyboard also has a built-in laser pointer, making it a great option for advancing slides during a presentation or lecture. This keyboard has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that charges via micro USB.

Keyboard and Typing

Its battery compartment also has a hiding spot for its wireless dongle when taking this keyboard on the go. Like the Logitech K Plus, the 1byone keyboard has a set of full-sized keys that looks like it came straight off of a laptop. Some of the keys have multimedia functions, but they cannot be customized. The only annoyance with the keyboard layout is the three different function buttons, each of which serves a different purpose on the keyboard.

12 of the Best Wireless All-in-One Keyboards for Mac and PC

This keyboard gets about 60 days of standby time from two AAA batteries, which could be better, but will last way longer than you might expect it to. At the end of the day, combining a Bluetooth keyboard with a special Bluetooth dongle is one way to widen your options for wireless typing, but with the variety of solid 2. Find more 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad information and reviews here.

Heavy, Inc. Our product recommendations are guided solely by our editors. We have no relationship with manufacturers. By Matt Malmlund. The problem is that on a Windows keyboard, these two keys are swapped in respect to their normal placement on the Mac keyboard. Since their functions are identical, you could just get used to their locations on the Windows keyboard. Luckily, you can swap the locations using the Keyboard preference pane. Remapping the modifier keys is on a keyboard-by-keyboard basis.

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In other words, if you have a MacBook Pro, with its built-in keyboard, as well as a separate Windows keyboard you use when sitting at your desk, you can choose to only modify the Windows keyboard, while leaving the built-in keyboard untouched. If you have more than one keyboard connected to your Mac, use the dropdown menu to select the keyboard you wish to have the modifier keys remapped on.

If you have a single keyboard connected to your Mac, there will be no dropdown menu for selecting a keyboard. Most third-party keyboard re-mappers will let you reassign the usual modifier keys, as well as some specialty keys that may be included in the keyboard, such as multimedia keys and all the function keys.

The downside of third-party keyboard drivers is that as Apple updates the Mac OS , there may come a time when a keyboard driver is no longer supported. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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